Streeetttch. Yawn. Hi. I am Sawyer, a calm little guy who sits (lies) just inside the front door most of the day, watching all the action. When someone stops by to visit with me, I overflow with friendliness and I love love love attention. One of the nice people here said that since I am not the first to approach people, I don't often get noticed when someone comes in to visit, but I am terrific. Just a kitten, you can see I am totally nonplussed by all the other felines hanging around, I just don't push up to the front of the pack. Please stop in and give me a little of the attention I so deserve. I would be a great addition to someone's family. We are open to visitors from Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 4pm except that last day-Sunday-when we close at 3pm. I am just one of many, many great paws looking for a home of our own.     You can find me at Pet Finder!

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The Happy Tail of Tyler

This is the Happy Tail of Tyler. Some Happy Tails are a long time coming, and although Tyler had a very good life for a long time, now he has the really great life he has always deserved. Here is how it happened. .. A long time ago-in cat years, forever, but really about 10 years...actually, a long time not matter how you look at it. So, a long time ago, a great cat arrived at the Humane Society of South Brevard. Like so many, he was someone's family member at one time, then found himself here wondering what in the world happened to the world he used to know. He had a sweet, round tabby face and would look deep into your eyes...and bump! Tyler loved to give head bumps. And he loved affection and attention from people. But he was confused about being abandoned, and a little sharp side of his personality came out. Every once in a while, he would lightly nip a finger that was petting him. And sometimes, Tyler would forget where the litter box was. Now, at the Cat House there are many, many litter boxes. You can't stand anywhere in the house and not see one, even if you are at cat level. So we knew Tyler was making a statement. Why did my family give me up? But overall, Tyler was very happy here and tolerated the many cats and kittens who would come and go. He became a lifer; an old timer, recognized and loved by the volunteers. When Tyler started to lose weight, we thought for sure he wasn't long for this side of the rainbow bridge. Long time supervolunteer Marianne decided she would take Tyler and give him his very own home for his final days. Then, it was his final weeks. Well, we're well into the next year with Mr. Tyler, and he is finding the litter box every day, eating like a champ...and never ever biting the hand that feeds him. He is the happiest cat ever. The moral of this story is very clear, and very important: there is no such thing as a bad cat (or dog for that matter). There are only great cats that find themselves in sad situations. Even though Tyler was loved and roamed free inside the Humane Society of South Brevard, all he ever wanted was all any of us wants; he wanted a home of his own.

Humane Society of South Brevard

We are open seven days a week, from noon to 4pm, except on Sundays when we close at 3pm. Please stop by and visit all of our wonderful cats and kittens, all looking for a home of their own. We are just off of US1 north of the Pineda Causeway in Melbourne. Our phone number here at Otter Creek Lane is 321-259-0601.